August 1, 2003

WHAT IS IT with the dictators and buried weapons? First there was this recent discovery of armed planes still buried under Berlin. Now there’s this:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Some of Iraqi’s missing air force has turned up down below.

Search teams, some hunting for Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, found dozens of fighter jets from Iraq’s air force buried beneath the sands, U.S. officials say.

At least one Cold War-era MiG-25 interceptor was found when searchers saw the tops of its twin tail fins poking up from the sands, said one Pentagon official familiar with the hunt. He said search teams have found several MiG-25s and Su-25 ground attack jets buried at al-Taqqadum air field west of Baghdad.

Of course, by burying this stuff to hide it, Saddam took it out of action every bit as effectively as if it had been shot down.

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