July 6, 2003

DR. FRANK looks at the Cal Poly incident and the University’s response and observes:

And of course, what tale of absurd campus censorship would be complete without an inane quote from a university administrator? This one does not disappoint. The prize goes to the Vice President for Student Affairs Cornel Morton, who told Hinkle at his hearing:

You are a young white male member of CPCR [Cal Poly Campus Republicans]. To students of color, this may be a collision of experience…. The chemistry has racial implications, and you are naive not to acknowledge those.

I can’t quite make sense of this, though it has a vaguely unpleasant, neo-segregationist flavor. But if he’s saying it was naive for a white male university student to imagine he could get away with exercising his right to free speech in a multi-racial environment without being persecuted for it, it’s difficult to disagree with him.

Sadly, the only solution to guys like Cornel Morton is to savagely make fun of their combination of thuggishness and stupidity, as an example to the others. Here’s some contact information:

Warren J. Baker, President, Cal Poly: (805) 756-6000; [email protected]

Cornel Morton, V.P., Student Affairs: (805) 756-1521; [email protected]

If you choose to contact them, please be polite.

UPDATE: Here’s more on the subject, from Erin O’Connor. Best bit: “In a perfect world, it would not be Hinkle who was sentenced to apologize, but the students and admins who have been hounding him who would be sentenced to attend Weaver’s talk.”


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