A BLIZZARD OF LIES INDEED:  When Woke Puts You to Sleep.

When some years ago we had to pick our son up in Denver airport (his flight had been diverted there from Colorado Springs where we lived then) we drove to Denver at night in a blizzard so thick that we couldn’t even tell if we were on the road, or about to fall off the edge. Once or twice we had to correct at the last minute. All we could do was follow the lights ahead of us and hope the guy ahead of us was following someone who could see better.

This is exactly what 2020 feels like.  Just remember that what the left is proposing is nothing less than a hard-left regime and one-party rule, with the Green New Deal giving them power over what you do, what you eat, where you go.  And the various Social Justice initiatives trying to control what you think.  In other words, it’s lockdowns forever: Physical lockdowns and mental lockdowns.  And heck, they’ll also probably starve us to boot.

If that’s not what you want, vote.  Vote against the left like your life depends on it. It very well might.

And maybe, just like that blizzard had completely cleared out by the time we drove back with our son — leading him to believe we were making it up — maybe this blizzard of lies will clear up a week or so after the election.