July 5, 2003

I’M JUST CRAZY ENOUGH: Bill Adams emails:

Personally I think you’re crazy to look at even a word of news until the weekend’s over, but if you — or anyone outside California’s event horizon — wanted a complete recap of the gubernatorial recall drive, Davis’ history, Schwarzenegger’s chances — you could do a lot worse than my post here.

I’m the first to admit its primary virtue is the links, over a score of ’em.

There’s an update to that post, too, here. I confess it’s hard for me to stir up a lot of interest yet, but I will note that although many people consider Schwarzenegger’s stardom his chief asset, it may well be that the discipline, and ability to psych out an opponent, that he cultivated as a bodybuilding competitor may be at least as important.

UPDATE: PrestoPundit is all over this story, of course.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Sacramento Bee blogger Daniel Weintraub has this observation:

When forces working on behalf of the governor of California try to link his opponent to the Nazi party, it has news value. Not because it’s true or might be true, but because it demonstrates the character and the judgment of the man who would allow his campaign team to make such allegations. If the governor said he thought little green men had landed from Mars and launched the recall, it would be ludicrous, but it ought to be reported, because the voters would want to know that the chief executive of their state had taken leave of his senses. The same is true here in a political context. . . . It is most definitely news when public officials lie or attempt to grossly mislead the voters, especially in a malicious way. Sometimes you have to report the lie in order to expose the lie.


ANOTHER UPDATE: The Bear Flag League, a new association of California bloggers, can be expected to be all over this story.

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