THE LEFT’S BIGGEST CONSPIRACY YET: Thanks to the Capital Research Center (CRC), there is now a Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Archive. Here’s how CRC describes it:

“While the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory was exposed as a hoax, a different sort of collusion was real. Sometimes wittingly, but often just witlessly, hundreds of figures in the media, politics, federal law enforcement, and federal intelligence promoted and amplified the conspiracy theories created by the Steele dossier and other sources.

“Today, we began posting the ‘bios’ of more than 200 figures involved in the hoax—enough characters for a Russian novel. The first batch is ‘Obama/Comey-Era Officials’ with last names beginning A–C. The rest of the 200+ will follow in the coming days and weeks. This is intended to be an archive of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, which we will continue to update and expand as circumstances dictate.”

Thank you, CRC. Russiagate is the hoax that will not be erased.