June 20, 2003

THE SHRILL ANTI-BUSH TONE of this Salon piece by Eric Boehlert is unfortunate, because the issue it covers is too important to be buried in the “maybe this will be the silver bullet the Democrats have been waiting for” drooling.

Leaving all that aside, Boehlert has a point. The Bush Administration has been far too resistant to probes of what was done before the 9/11 attacks. I’ve repeatedly noted here that nobody lost their job over this, despite some pretty obvious dropped balls. We haven’t seen the kind of accountability that we should, and the Bush Administration does itself no credit by its near-stonewalling on this subject.

Karl Rove should be thankful, though, for the screechily partisan note of these calls for an investigation, which have so far made them easier to ignore. But my advice to Karl is not to depend too much on the shrillness of his enemies, and to remember that if you act like you’re hiding something, people will sooner or later conclude that you’ve got something to hide.

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