THE DEMAND FOR RACIAL HATE CRIMES EXCEEDS THE SUPPLY: Police, federal law enforcement find no evidence biracial Madison woman was attacked. “There had been questions about the veracity of the woman’s report because, unlike in other crimes that occur Downtown, police never released video stills of the incident or possible suspects in attempt to find the perpetrators. Very little of the public parts of Downtown are hidden from dozens of city-owned cameras and other private surveillance cameras police have access to.”

Also, the woman, Althea Bernstein, looks about as black as Rachel Dolezal. Not saying that she isn’t really biracial, but she doesn’t seem like someone who’d be targeted by someone out to get a black person.

Plus: “Bernstein said the attack happened at around 1 a.m., or about 20 minutes after a group of people threw a Molotov cocktail through a window of the City-County Building in the Downtown, starting a small fire. The firebombing was part of a larger Black Lives Matter protest in which protesters tore down two statues on the Capitol Square, including one of a Union Civil War soldier and abolitionist.”

But when she showed up at the hospital with burns, she blamed four white men in “floral shirts.”