June 17, 2003


Watching this BBC thing? It’s bloody remarkable. We’re more dangerous than the N. Koreans. And we were assholes EVEN under Clinton. A truly sad spectacle.

I missed it, but that sounds typical.

UPDATE: David Carr saw it, and reports:

What amused me most was general agreement that the USA was rich because of its economic model and, at the same time, a complete rejection of the idea of copying it.

In fact, it was rather dull, equivocal and not quite sure of itself. The underlying theme was largely one of self-pity and petty jealousy culminating it a morose admission that America was the unchallengable world superpower and there isn’t much the likes of France can do about it except whine and bitch. They may as well have called it ‘Inferiority Complex – The Movie’.

Carr’s final suggestion:

Perhaps some Americans might waggishly suggest an US TV special called ‘What Americans Think of the EU’. Now that I would pay to see.


ANOTHER UPDATE: Several readers think that the latter special would resemble Humphrey Bogart’s remarks to Peter Lorre: “I might despise you, if I gave you any thought.”

Group Captain Mandrake live-blogged the program.

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