RANKED: THE TOP COLLEGES FOR FREE SPEECH ON CAMPUS, ACCORDING TO STUDENTS: Glenn beat me to this (BTW, Tennessee is #11 overall, Go Vols), which is unforgivable since I helped put them together, but this is a HUGE DEAL. 20,000 students surveyed on 55 campuses, with statistically significant samples on all of them. For 17 years people have asked me “so really, where should I send my kid if I care about free speech on campus?” Finally, there’s an objective answer! The top 5:

1. The University of Chicago (no surprise there!)
2. Kansas State University (the sleeper hit)
3. Texas A&M University (ranked best by conservatives, not so well for liberals)
4. University of California, Los Angeles (this one surprised me; I guess I credit Eugene Volokh)
5. Arizona State University (these guys have been getting serious about free speech for a while now)

Bottom 5 shameful dungeon of disgrace:

51. Syracuse University (this is the college I have always told people to avoid if they like free speech)
52. Dartmouth College (alums have cult-like devotion to this school, which is not returned by the administration)
53. Louisiana State University (threw out a female prof for using occasional profanity with grad students, ludicrously calling it “sexual harassment.” Stay far away.)
54. University of Texas – Austin (dedicated to messing with Texas for decades now)
55. DePauw University (ranked #52 by liberals and #55 by conservatives, has somehow created an equal-opportunity nightmare of censorship in rural Indiana)