ROGER SIMON: Time To Dismantle the FBI.

Fox’s Sean Hannity—Lord love him—has long been in the forefront of the fight to expose the Trump-Russia probe which, we learn increasingly virtually every day, was even more immoral, seditious, and anti-American than we had imagined.

Most recently, it has been revealed the sub-source for the Steele Dossier—the guy Christopher Steele relied upon for his vile lies—had already been investigated by the FBI as, of all things, a Russian agent, making the Dossier itself likely deliberate Russian disinformation that was accepted by the FBI anyway because… well… by any means necessary. (The shameless liars at Mueller’s operation claimed the Russians favored Trump, which is ludicrous given this revelation plus the content of the Dossier.)

It’s amazing it took three years for us to learn this.

But Sean H. evidently made one, I regret to say serious, mistake, probably because he’s basically a nice guy from a law enforcement family. He insisted all along that the problems in the FBI were only at the top, the so-called “Seventh Floor,” the domain of Comey, Strzok, McCabe, and the others.

Unfortunately, no. Also just revealed after three years are 302s (near-contemporaneous notes made after an interview) and texts that show lower-ranking FBI agents too were aware of the malfeasances that were occurring in the early stages of the Michael Flynn case.

In fact these agents were so alarmed they were considering professional liability insurance lest they be sued for the dishonest—one could even say treasonous— activities in which they were being forced to participate.

Frankly, I never imagined a FBI agent could even buy such insurance. The implications are unpatriotic on their face. But live and learn.

It’s interesting too, given the nervous chatter among themselves, not one of these agents became a whistleblower. I guess you have to be a friend of Adam Schiff for that. Or prodded by him.

What this adds up to, of course, is that although the direction of Obamagate or Spygate (call it what you will) came from the top—the “Seventh Floor” and above—others down the food chain knew about it. They too were guilty, although less than their superiors. They were the cowardly soldiers who went along.

How many such people there were we don’t know and, needless to say, there still are plenty of good men and women in the FBI, but it’s clear the organization has been so corrupted it needs to be dismantled—or reformed so entirely it might as well be dismantled.

Christopher Wray, the current director of the FBI, is about as far from the man to accomplish this as you could conjure. A Deep State apparatchik par excellence he has had difficulty going so far as to acknowledge the existence of Antifa. (He finally did). He preferred the canard of saying the real danger was white supremacists. Apparently, he doesn’t get out much. Most likely he will be gone very shortly if Trump is reelected.

A new national law enforcement agency should be built from the ground up with its headquarters far from Washington. I would like to think some version of this is on the agenda for Trump II.

But what if Biden wins?

Well, we know whose side the FBI is on.