ROGER SIMON: Bullets Over Louisville.

I was about to write about why Michael Bloomberg could have seen fit to spend millions paying the fines of Florida felons so they can vote, thus courting a possible indictment of his own for bribery (short form: terminal envy of fellow billionaire Trump augmented by fear POTUS might turn off the China spigot that so enriches the former NYC mayor), when it was announced yet another cop was shot, this time in Louisville.

I had been watching the violence and destruction in that city—about two and a half hour’s drive from where I am sitting—out of the corner of my eye on my office TV.

There went my plans for next year’s Kentucky Derby, I thought selfishly, then felt sick to my stomach. How much more of this could any of us take? How many more police need be shot?

I thought back to my days as a sixties anti-war protestor, being caught up in the crowds yelling “Off the pig!” The joke then was what we would do if someone broke into our apartments with no cops available. “Call a hippie!” was the supposedly jocular response.

In truth, in those days few of us thought badly of the police (with the exception, of course, of the extremist Kathy Boudin/Weather Underground-types who killed them). It was all kind of a game to us, stupid, juvenile and pointless as it was, not to mention politically reactionary. The police were and are the working class, not the privileged college kids then attacking them.

Today, things are very different and multiple times worse, making the sixties indeed seem like child’s play.

As I type this, yet another cop is reported as being shot in Louisville, making two, the same number as were shot just the other day in L.A., with no one apprehended.

All this after it was made clear that in the Breonna Taylor case, the one all the Louisville madness is supposed to be about, the police did not break in on her apartment with a “no-knock” entry, and her drug-dealer boyfriend they were seeking admittedly opened fire first. And yet a cop, who was defending an already wounded buddy, got indicted. Go figure.


The time has come to say clearly what many of us have muttered for a long time:

BLM… the Marxist-led Black Lives Matter… is the modern version of the KKK. The skin colors may be different but the murderous instincts and racist loathing are the same.

The veneer of social justice is less than paper thin. “No justice, no peace,” is the hollowest slogan imaginable. It’s all about acting out like a bunch of crazies in a Hieronymus Bosch painting, except now they’re drugged out on fentanyl, meth or whatever. Evil is on the march in this country.

The question is who is putting the rioters, looters, and destroyers up to their mayhem? Who, for example, rented the U-Haul from which, video shows, all sorts of ad hoc weaponry was disgorged to the supposedly peaceful protestors before the Taylor decision came down? And who paid that person and so on?

The Department of Justice knows. But will it act?