September 18, 2020

WHEN YOU REMEMBER THAT “WOKE” IS JUST A SYNONYM FOR “STUPID AND CRAZY,” EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE: Canceling Beethoven is the latest woke madness for the classical-music world. “Canceling Beethoven is the latest woke madness for the classical-music world.”

But weren’t they telling us Beethoven was actually black a few years ago, or am I remembering that wrong? Nope, I’m not. In fact, this was from last week: ‘Beethoven was black:’ Why the radical idea has power even today. “But the truth is Beethoven is like Michael Rosen’s bear hunt – you can’t go over him, you can’t go under him, you have to go through him. Academics manufacturing a culture war, in which there can be no winners, is a very 21st-century way of dealing with a figure perceived as a problem: you turn him into a straw man and complain about being triggered.”

I’m beginning to think they’re not really here for the hunting. And if you start with the presumption that pretty much all talk about race today is going to be dumb and self-indulgent, you also won’t go far wrong.

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