GIVEN SEATTLE’S CONSCIOUS DECISION TO TURN ITSELF INTO A SHITHOLE, WHO CAN BLAME THEM? Amazon takes another major step to abandon Seattle. “The news doesn’t come as a shock. The Seattle City Council renewed their effort to target Amazon for onerous, vindictive, and a jobs-punishing payroll tax. They passed Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda’s dubiously titled ‘JumpStart Seattle’ legislation. Mosqueda, a future mayoral hopeful, promised her tax would help jump start the local economy. But it’s doing the opposite. Businesses large and small warned the council of this move. But Mosqueda and the council ignored the pleas of businesses, most of which were already hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. And where socialist Kshama Sawant has failed, Mosqueda may succeed: running Amazon out of town. While it may delight her base of fringe progressives and socialists, if you don’t have Amazon to tax, it’s unclear where this out-of-control council will find the funds for their ideologically-driven programs.”

In a just society, they’d wind up hanging from lampposts, but in our society they’ll probably get cushy jobs with left-wing nonprofits.