May 21, 2003

GOOD NEWS FROM COLORADO: Linda Seebach of the Rocky Mountain News emails:

I thought you would like to know that Gov. Owens’ press secretary just called me to tell me that the governor has vetoed our super-DMCA bill, H.B. 1303. In his veto message he said the bill “could also stifle legal activity by entities all along the high tech spectrum, from manufacturers of communication parts to sellers of communication services.”

He urges the legislature, if it returns to this topic in the next session, “to be more careful in drafting a bill that adds protections that are rightfully needed, but does not paint a broad brush stroke where only a tight line is needed.”

Indeed. Meanwhile Bill Hobbs reports that the Consumer Electronics Association is weighing in against Tennessee’s super-DMCA bill, which hasn’t passed yet and hopefully won’t.

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