SALENA ZITO: What Joe Biden didn’t let himself see in Pennsylvania.

Sometimes, we are presented with opportunities that could change how we view the world outside the bubble of our daily lives. One event can change how we see people, talk to people, and understand people and where they live, work, struggle, pray, and raise their families.

Too often, those opportunities are ignored, set aside because they take time and because there is no instant benefit, no immediate gratification, nothing tangible that shouts, “Look what I did.”

Last week, Democratic nominee Joe Biden made his first trip out of his Delaware basement since he accepted his party’s nomination by going to Pittsburgh, located in the state of his birth — a part of his background he often boasts about.

He flew in, stood in front of Mill 19, a multiuse office building that once employed 5,000 steelworkers but now is an incubator for robots doing manufacturing jobs. In short, there are no blue-collar jobs in this facility.

He gave out some Mineo’s Pizza to firefighters, spoke for 12 minutes about violence in other cities that did not happen here, made a controversial claim about supporting fracking that counters some of what he has said before, took no questions from the press, and flew out.

It was an event that media mavens in Washington and New York praised profusely, which is something you’d expect from the people who live, operate, and socialize with the same people who give Biden advice.

Ouch. Read the whole thing.