May 15, 2003

OKAY, ONE MORE: No damn tornado’s gonna stop me from posting. Jeff Jarvis has some interesting thoughts on Salam Pax, and a translated interview. Excerpt: “It’s so utterly predictable these days: First, you become famous. Then they tear you down.” With regard to David Warren’s piece on Salam, Jarvis cautions, correctly, that we don’t know enough about Salam Pax to judge what his agenda, if any, has been.

And, in an unrelated (or maybe not, entirely) but interesting matter, Eric Alterman is defending John Fund from allegations that Alterman says he has investigated and is convinced are bogus:

It did not take a lot of investigation on my part to conclude that Pillsbury was not the kind of source one could legitimately use to hang a man in public. Why were so many so eager to use her that way? No principle was at stake. It was all about payback.

Back later. I think I’ve got a car adapter for the laptop, somewhere. . . .

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