NOPE: Apparently, I “Owe” a “Debt” “to African-Americans.” Can’t say I buy that.

I feel like there’s going to be a big backlash to the post-George Floyd overreach. But, you know, the “activists” don’t want progress. They want to make demands, and feel powerful. That they’ve managed to divide and paralyze a country that, right after George Floyd’s death, was horrified and ready to take action doesn’t bother them; a cynic might suggest that this was the goal all along.

To his credit, as I’ve noted, Trump isn’t playing tit-for-tat here, but is transcending the hate by stressing inclusion. As he said in his inaugural address, when your heart is full of patriotism, there’s no room for hate. Which may explain why there’s so much room for hate on the left.