WHITE PEOPLE RUIN EVERYTHING, AMIRITE? SF Mayor London Breed shreds white progressives for projecting beliefs onto city’s Black residents. “Breed stated that while she’s happy more white Americans are now supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement — recent polling shows upwards of 60% of white Americans support the protests and calls for police reform — she has ‘a real problem with the takeover of the movement by white people.'”

Well, she needs to understand that the main point of left politics in America is to allow certain white people to feel superior to other white people.

Of course, as usual, the personal is political: “Breed’s proposal to reallocate some funding was met with pushback from some white progressives who accused her of not going far enough. This prompted protests at Breed’s home, protests she was not happy about.”

Quoth the Mayor:

“The people who came out to my home last time, they were all white and wearing masks and walking with these ‘firework sticks’ down the street chanting ‘Black Lives Matter!'” she said. “But then they get to my house and start shooting these fireworks off and aiming them at my window and banging on the gate and calling me names to come outside. It was like, what? In the projects, when you come to somebody’s house, you are coming to get your butt beat. Because I will come out and throw some grits on you if you don’t back up!”

Sounds like she’s siding with the McCloskeys here. . . .