KURT SCHLICHTER: Time For Trump To Start Kicking Aspiration.

Sure, we elected Donald Trump in part because America found itself on Flight 93 with Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit and her creepy coterie of commie comrades angling to seize the cockpit, but that was only part of it. But besides electing him for what he would prevent, we voted for the most improbable conservative candidate in the history of ever because of what he promised to do.

The aspirational nature of Trumpism gets short-shrift, but it’s critical.

Trump told us he would make America great again. Those words chill the pasta spines of sissy Fredocons and whiny white woke wine women alike, but they thrill the rest of us.

He was aspirational, looking to the future and telling the indisputable truth that if we only harkened to our history and the legacy of the Founders, America would, in fact, be great again. And aspiration is what’s missing from his campaign right now.

I agree. I’ve been wrong every time I’ve second-guessed Trump so far, but I feel like he should have followed up his terrific Mt. Rushmore speech with more along those lines.