JOHN YOO: I DIDN’T SUPPORT TRUMP IN 2016 AND “BOY, WAS I WRONG.” Berkeley Law professor: Trump saving the Constitution, ‘his greatest service.’

“My study of the separation of powers, and my time in the three branches of government, led me to worry that Trump would test, evade, or even violate the Constitution,” he added in his upcoming book, Defender in Chief.

Now, as Trump campaigns for reelection on a platform of tough executive orders, expanding conservative voices on federal courts, and beating back impeachment, Yoo is telling a different story.

“Boy was I wrong. Trump campaigns like a populist but governs like a constitutional conservative,” he wrote in the book due next month and published by All Points Books, an imprint of St. Martin’s Publishing Group. The publisher provided Secrets with an advance copy of the book set for release July 28.

Over the course of 300 pages comparing Trump moves to the wishes of the Founding Fathers, Yoo discovered that despite constant criticism that Trump was destroying the Constitution, he was actually propping it up and using it to defend the presidency.

“Rather than a sword, the Constitution has become Trump’s shield. Even though he had not had any previous government or military office or public policy experience, Trump has defended the constitutional text, structure, and design for an independent, vigorous executive,” writes Yoo.

I think more people who didn’t vote for Trump are switching to supporters than the other way around.