SO THIS ISN’T GOING ACCORDING TO THE PLAN: Better than Obama: Happiness with ‘personal finances’ just shy of all-time record.

In the face of a wave of media reports that people are unhappy with their lives and see the nation failing amid the coronavirus crisis and Black Lives Matter movement, there is a new survey that is giving the White House confidence that a strong economic message can help President Trump’s reelection bid.

It comes from Gallup and shows that people in the United States are upbeat about their personal finances and “more optimistic about the direction of their finances.”

While Trump foes and the media have played up the gloomy surveys, the latest Gallup poll shows that American optimism in personal finances is just three points shy of the all-time record and significantly higher than it was under former President Obama.

Well, Obama’s stimulus plan sent money to big banks; Trump’s put a lot of it in the hands of the working class.