AXIS OF WEASELS UPDATE: Reader Scott Hanson emails from Germany that it’s being reported there:

The Axis of Weasels is getting coverage even in the German media. NDRInfo, the regional news radio station, was interviewing their Washington correspondent about the ‘old Europe’ flap. When asked how Americans were reacting, he pointed out the ‘Axis of Weasel’ headline from the NY Post. Of course, he had to explain what ‘weasel’ meant in this context, since ‘Axis of Small Mammals’ doesn’t exactly convey the correct meaning.


It’s been a good week for ScrappleFace, as this Best of the Web item notes:

ScrappleFace: Tomorrow’s News Today

“U.N. Tells Blix ‘Stop Looking for Smoking Guns’ “–headline,, Jan. 9

“US Tells Blix Not to Look for ‘Smoking Gun’ “–headline, Australian Broadcasting Corp. Web site, Jan. 24

“Rumsfeld Sorry for ‘Axis of Weasels’ Remark”–headline,, Jan. 22

“AXIS OF WEASELS: Germany and France Wimp Out on Iraq”–front-page headline, New York Post, Jan. 24

If I were Scott Ott, I’d be saying “Buwahahaha!” Something he wrote on his computer yesterday is giving French and German diplomats heartburn today. If that’s not the American Dream come true, I don’t know what is.