I HEREBY AWARD “BLOG POST OF THE DAY” to the ScrappleFace “Axis of Weasel” item that I mentioned below. Not only is it circulating in email throughout the corridors of power, it inspired this powerful graphic, and made Best of the Web, Even more inspiring, it’s apparently spreading into more general currency, at least according to this comment posted on the site:

I am watching “The Big Story with John Gibson” on FOX News… and their lead in was on France and Germany… and they said “Axis of Weasels”… I spit out my Coke all over the place!

The Blog-Force is strong in this one.

UPDATE: More proof: there’s already a lefty backlash — though one that loses credibility because the author apparently hasn’t heard of the “Axis of Weevil.” Newbie. Oh well, he’ll learn. . .