Matt, here’s what’s been on my mind about that, and if anyone can help I’d be very grateful. Have you noticed how here in Silverlake there are many “No War” yard signs but not one sign expressing support for the other side? Here’s the thing: You can’t buy one! I’ve tried and can’t find any. Of course, “No War” is a brilliant and succinct (despite specious) piece of propaganda because no one wants war. It’s like the anti-abortion crowd using the term “Pro-Life.” As if everyone else is against life. Sometimes you need to be willing to fight small wars in order to avoid larger ones. Except “Yes War” is ungrammatical and “No Appeasement” is too long and most people probably wouldn’t know what it means anyway. What I’d like is a sign that says “Give War a Chance” (a la P.J. O’Rourke) to paste on my garage but I don’t see any for sale via the Internet and you know I’m not techy enough to design one and print it out at Kinko’s etc….I had to call a friend over to figure out how to change the toner cartridge on my new plain paper fax. And then yesterday I went over to her house and saw a big “No War” sign in her yard. Help!

Can anyone help her out? (From the comments thread to this post on Matt Welch’s site.)

And, yeah, I know you can get a DISARM SADDAM bumper sticker here. But we’re talking yard signs.

UPDATE: Reader Eric Kolchinsky writes:

The best sign for the pro-war side should be “Free Iraq!” Alas, I don’t

know where to buy it either….

If anyone does know, email me.