WASHINGTON – Republicans said Friday they would reverse several favors to special interests in the Homeland Security law, including a much-criticized provision to limit lawsuits against vaccine makers.

House and Senate Republicans said they also would get rid of a loophole that would make it easier for companies that locate overseas to avoid paying taxes to compete for contracts in the new agency, and would revise language that gave one university, Texas A&M, special access to federal research money.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., who supported the original vaccine provision and said he still hopes to take up the issue later this year in more comprehensive legislation, said he would include the special interest eliminations in a fiscal 2003 spending bill the Senate will take up this month.

Is this an example of the power of the (lefty part of the) blogosphere?

UPDATE: Reader Jeff Drummond thinks this will be good for the G.O.P.:

I think what is more amazing is that Frist will bring the issue forward for a vote despite the fact that it will likely result in the reversal of something he favors. Give me an example of a Democrat doing that. Here in Priscilla Owen’s home state, I can give you a ton of examples of the opposite.

Could be.