OKAY, this letter from Ed Koch rings slightly false to me. But then, it’s a letter from a politician, so it might do that even if it’s genuine. . . . Does anybody know the score?

I should say that I don’t disagree with the sentiments, I just wonder about its authenticity. And I’d hate to pull a Streisand here. . . .

UPDATE: Hey, maybe it’s real!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Boris Schlossberg emails that he heard Koch say this on Bloomberg radio.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Well, if it’s fake, it’s in a lot of places.

And Michael Barone, who points out that he is not Britney Spears, emails to say that the piece sounds just like many Koch pieces that he’s read. So I guess I was wrong to be suspicious — it was the praise for Falwell and Robertson that made me wonder.