HERE’S A RESPONSE TO CHARLES RANGEL by a military dad who thinks bringing back the draft is a bad idea. Read the whole thing, but here’s an excerpt:

Congressman Rangel, I know you served this country bravely fifty-odd years ago in that same land. You were there with a varied bunch of guys — some draftees, some volunteers, some older WWII vets, some career guys. You saw the hell of war up close and personal.

My boy’s a volunteer. He wants to join one of, if not the best and most professional military organizations that this planet has ever seen. He wants to test himself against other proud professionals.

He’s willing to risk his life for the chance to travel and for the GI educational benefits.

He wants to drive a tank someday.

Save the anti-war politicking for another time, Congressman

I want to know that, if my boy has to put his butt on the line for this country, he’s going to be accompanied by other brave men like him. Brave men who believe in the mission and who believe in each other.

Highly trained men. Professionals.

All of them.

Sons and brothers, daughters and sisters of families who support them and pray for them to return safely home.

They are not bargaining chips in your cheap, rhetorical, political game.

One of them is my kid.

Really, you should read it all. (Via Donald Sensing.)

UPDATE: Occam’s Toothbrush has more on this. As well as one of the cooler blog titles.