JOE BATTENFELD: Trump move to hold China, World Health Organization accountable long overdue.

Trump is also bound to face blowback from the usual suspects in the mainstream media and China apologists. WHO supporters will say Trump is hurting the fight against the pandemic at the worst possible time.

No, in fact the timing is right to shine a spotlight on the World Health Organization. Why has the WHO been so friendly with China?

“We’ve had problems with them for years,” Trump said of the WHO. “This should have been done by previous administrations a long time ago.”

The president said he was launching an investigation to determine whether to permanently pull the plug on WHO funding.

“We will find out exactly what went on and we may be satisfied that it could be remedied and we may be satisfied that it’s so bad that it can’t be remedied. And if it can’t we’re going on a different route,” Trump said.

But the facts are already clear: WHO has been in China’s camp for years and took the communist dictatorship’s side in its response to the coronavirus pandemic. China lied about how the coronavirus got started.

The WHO’s director repeatedly praised China’s “transparency” — a joke considering that China sought to downplay the number of coronavirus cases and initially said it couldn’t be spread by human-to-human contact.

There need to be a lot of sackings, starting at the top. If there’s no price for failure, the bureaucracy doesn’t consider itself to have failed.