MEMO TO JONAH GOLDBERG: I am, by pretty much any reasonable standard, a former liberal. Heck, I was president of Students For Choice on my undergraduate campus, and was at one point a card-carrying member of the Democratic Party. Nor am I, by any reasonable definition, a conservative today — well, I might be one of those “Stephen Green” conservatives who support gay marriage, drug legalization, cloning research and the elimination of excise taxes on alcohol (actually, I made that last one up, but I imagine Stephen would be willing to add it to the platform). But I don’t think many more traditional conservatives would count that.

Mostly, I’m a proud member of the anti-idiotarian party — which is growing by leaps and bounds, as best I can tell. And which, judging by the likes of Sean Penn and Trent Lott, won’t lack for targets anytime soon.