THIMEROSAL UPDATE: Dr. Manhattan has a lengthy thimerosal-related roundup. Bottom line, supported by considerable evidence, is that the dangers of thimerosal are unsupported, and that there were dangers to removing it.

The whole Thimerosal flap seems overstated. The claims that it causes autism are, at best, dubious. And the claim that the lawsuit-blocking language was “mysteriously” added to the bill seems bogus given that, as I have pointed out already (where’s my reward money? I need a 350Z! I mean I really need one! Or maybe a Porsche. . . .) Dick Armey admitted on CNN two weeks ago that “I put it in.”

So what we have is a conspiracy theory about something allegedly secret that was actually admitted on CNN, being done to immunize a drugmaker from lawsuits based on its doing something for which there is no compelling evidence — or even much persuasive evidence — of danger or negligence. Isn’t that basically the story here? Or am I missing something?