WELL, WE’RE BACK, though regular blogging won’t resume until later. We went up to attend my brother’s girlfriend’s fiancee’s graduation ceremony. She actually got her degree last summer (summa cum laude), and is already hard at work in a Master’s Program in Robotics, but there was no summer graduation ceremony, so she donned cap and gown and marched with the graduates yesterday.

We then had a lovely dinner and watched a Nigerian movie, To Rise Again, on DVD. Nigeria’s film industry is booming, and this production was pretty polished — a rather odd mixture of Scarface, Sliding Doors, and It’s a Wonderful Life. Like most Nigerian films, (even the far-less-polished Demon Boy of Lagos) it had a strong Christian theme. As I believe I posted a while back, Nigeria’s film industry is taking over Africa, beating out the rival Ghanaians and even cutting into the Bollywood market share. That the industry is located in the South, and strongly Christian in its interests, is likely to have impacts throughout Africa, where there’s something of a religious Cold War underway. But more on that kind of stuff later.

We’re very proud of Victoria, who arrived in America at the age of 18 with nothing but a green card acquired via the State Department’s lottery, a suitcase, and $150. She’s accomplished quite a lot since, and we’re looking forward to having her as part of the family.

More later.