When’s the last time a man spontaneously checked to see if the house was low on toilet paper or Saran Wrap?

About five minutes ago. I cook, too. Get your head out of 1957, woman.

UPDATE: Reader Michelle Dulak emails: “Two words for Ms. Cottle: Read Lileks.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Single dad Mitch Berg replies:

Here was my day today, Ms. Cottle: Up at 5:45. One load in the wash, fold the load from the dryer. Wake the kids. Take a bath. Wake the kids again. Get ’em dressed, and out to the bus. Oops, son’s been suspended from the bus – drive him to school. Drive to work (30 miles). Work. Get call that ex can’t pick up son from school – race back through rush-hour to get son. Home. Cook dinner. Homework. Basketball practices for both kids. Home, baths, bedtime stories, to bed – and then maybe an hour for me.

And that routine is not that much different than when I was married, maam.

I’m not here to whine about life as a single dad. I love it. But men today – married or not – are every bit as harried as Ms. Cottle’s benighted broads. If Warren Farrell, author of Myth of Male Power is to be believed, harried to death. The whole book is worth a read.

But thanks for reminding me – I gotta get toilet paper and Saran Wrap.

I know a lot of guys like this. I’m surprised that Michelle Cottle doesn’t.