It would seem that the President has caught up with many of us here on the right and also won’t shed a tear if Trent Lott is no longer Majority Leader next year. All that is left now is for another Republican senator to step up to challenge him. As for the Democrats, this may be another case of be careful what you wish for. The next Majority Leader may be a much more ferocious Republican than Lott ever was. And much less of a political hack.

And we on the right, who have driven the anti-Lott sentiment, can at least brag about this. The left was willing to go to any length to keep a president in office who had committed felonies. We conservatives, though, have much higher standards for our leaders. We are eager to dispense with a mere congressional leader for a careless and tone-deaf opinion.

I’m still saying Friday afternoon. But I could be wrong.