RON BAILEY on media bias:

Leftwing commentators like Kaplan and Dionne simply can’t face the fact the public is weary of their divisive appeals to identity politics incoherently combined with their kneejerk egalitarianism. Anyway, Gore, Dionne, and Kaplan should just relax, polls show that 60% of reporters and editors still lean to the Democratic Party while only 15% lean toward the Republican Party. Of course, in my unbiased opinion, what Americans, who are increasingly socially liberal and economically conservative, really need are more libertarian journalists.

I think that what Americans really need are more well-paid libertarian bloggers. [“More well-paid libertarian bloggers?” How about any well-paid libertarian bloggers? — Ed. Well, if there were “some” there would be “more,” right? Er, and Ed., don’t you belong over on Kaus’s page? For what he pays me, I have to moonlight. — Ed.]