TODAY’S DAN GILLMOR COLUMN about video-equipped cellphones can be profitably read alongside my TechCentralStation column from today. Excerpt:

I can safely predict one area that will soon feel the impact of all this. It’s the field I know best, journalism.

Consider the more than 10 million camera-equipped mobile phones in Japan. Some of their owners take snapshots and post them to Web pages.

Watch the next time a major news event, such as a bad earthquake, takes place there. Before the big Japanese media organizations even have time to scramble their photographers to the scene, the world will be able to view the aftermath of the quake — and, no doubt, videos of the quake as it happened — on a variety of Web sites.

Blogger already supports post-by-email. (It kinda works). MT doesn’t, but no doubt will soon. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could email text (for a blog post) and an attached photo to your site from a cellphone? That really would be a revolutionary development, and it would make blog-journalism competitive with blog-punditry.

UPDATE: I notice that Jeff Jarvis has a thoughtful reply to my column up, though I didn’t actually call Big Media “dinosaurs.” And Jeff is neither purple nor rotund. And his beard is prematurely white. Don’t forget that part!