STEVEN DEN BESTE has some thoughts on permalinks and “coccooning” on the left.

UPDATE: Hesiod Theogeny replies. (And Wilde responds, though Hesiod seems to have changed his post since Wilde’s response).

ANOTHER UPDATE: Vegard Valberg says Den Beste is wrong.

ONE MORE: Eugene Volokh has some cogent thoughts.

OKAY THIS REALLY IS THE LAST ONE: Max Sawicky has weighed in. Meanwhile, Bill Peschel emails:

I’m still busy with the kids on my day off, so I haven’t blogged on this, but I just checked Rittenhouse’s site and see that two of them — Aint No Bad Dude and Into the Breach — are still linked to Charles Johnson’s site, five days after Rittenhouse threatened to purge his blogroll of lgf’s “fellow travelers.”

In fact, I don’t think they even know they’re “under the gun.”

All this floss flying about censorship and cocoons, and nothing has actually happened.

Is there a blogging version of “all hat and no cattle?”

Um, isn’t that what blogging is all about? . . . . And Stefan Sharkansky says he’s identified some hate speech.