CORONAVIRUS: Mainland China reports 573 new coronavirus cases on Feb. 29.

The coronavirus outbreak has now spread to at least 56 countries, with Italy reporting the highest number of cases outside Asia.

Iranian Coronavirus Cases Jump as More Officials Infected.

First death from coronavirus announced in U.S.

Kent State recalling all students studying abroad in Italy due to coronavirus concerns.

Loyola University Chicago sends study abroad students home, Marquette program quarantined amid Italy coronavirus concerns.

Thousands sign petition calling on SXSW to cancel 2020 event as coronavirus spreads.

US Pro Sports Leagues Monitoring Coronavirus Outbreak.

Coronavirus patients with heart disease have a 10% chance of dying. Here’s the mortality rate for patients with various underlying health problems.

The Archdiocese of Boston is making some changes to Mass practices in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Gatherings banned, travel restricted as coronavirus cases grow worldwide. “Leaders in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas rolled out bans on big gatherings, and stricter travel restrictions as cases of the new coronavirus spread around the world.”

Plus, since some of you think this news is too dark, some comic relief:

CNN Host Seemingly Compares Bernie Sanders’ Campaign To Coronavirus. Well, it’s destructive and dangerous and spreading uncontained, so . . .

And: Michael Bloomberg Will Address Coronavirus in Prime-Time TV Ad.