February 24, 2020

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Coronavirus outbreak nearing pandemic ‘tipping point’ as infections soar, say experts.

‘Pandemic fits the Disease X category’: World Health Organisation’s coronavirus warning.

World on Edge as Cases Rise Outside of China; Five Dead in Italy Outbreak; Cases Spike in Iran.

China delays political meetings as Xi warns of coronavirus crisis; Wuhan backtracks on easing travel curbs.

China’s Xi Jinping Sounds Alarm Over Virus Outbreak at Party’s Doorstep.

North Korea reportedly quarantines 380 foreigners in bid to prevent coronavirus outbreak.

Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq report coronavirus cases linked to Iran.

Coronavirus Live Updates: Outbreaks Around the World Raise Fears of Pandemic.

Trump’s fury over coronavirus patients being repatriated may be justified. “The way the evacuation was conducted seems to point more to a rushed addressing of the discontent of the passengers (who had been kept in very uncomfortable conditions on the ship) than due diligence.”

Coronavirus deaths near 2,600 in China.

Large parts of China ease coronavirus curbs, many report no new cases.

Stock markets slump as coronavirus spreads in Europe – business live.

World economy shudders as Coronavirus threatens global supply chains.

Dow futures drop nearly 700 points as coronavirus spread stirs fears of global economic impact.

UPDATE: A Hong Kong friend emails:

Hoping not to jinx it, but pretty good news.

Only two cases in Hong Kong in the past week or so.
(Since the 14th, one case on the 18th and one on the 20th).

That comes down to:
1 – Hong Kong shut the border with China
2 – People know the protocol after dealing with SARS 17 years ago.
3 – People wear masks, etc. out of courtesy to others as much as for themselves – so 99% are wearing masks within 4-6 feet of other people.
4 – Doctors being hyper-vigilant. As there are still many “unknowns”, confirmed and sick patients will not only have to be cleared of their symptoms and signs (such as X-ray and various tests) but also (most important) at least TWO molecular tests free of the virus in their respiratory system before they can be released (although they are not sick).

People doing lots of hiking in the great outdoors with good weather of late while shopping malls remain empty.

Data updates here and here.

Fingers crossed. I’d like nothing better than to see this fizzle.

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