CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Coronavirus Outbreak: Chinese study finds virus poses high risk to medical staff.

Coronavirus cases climb to 621 on Japan cruise as some passengers leave.

Coronavirus: How did Cambodia’s cruise ship welcome go wrong?

As coronavirus spreads, US health officials race to limit its impact.

Iran confirms first two cases of new coronavirus.

Passengers cover whole body in plastic sheets to prevent coronavirus on flight.

Coronavirus triggers switch to online courses for CU Denver’s China-based program; CU Boulder also has suspended its study abroad programs in China for spring, summer semesters.

$45 Billion of Apple Market Value Wiped Out After Coronavirus Announcement.

If Tokyo Olympics were tomorrow, games wouldn’t be held because of coronavirus, expert says.

Adidas sales plunge 85% in China as coronavirus ravages demand.

China expels three WSJ reporters over headline calling China “the real sick man of Asia.” They’re also calling the headline “racist,” which mostly shows how sensitive they are to criticism. This won’t boost their credibility, but they’re hoping it’ll shape coverage. It’s probably working, as the BBC story repeats the “racist” allegation, but not the headline. It also shows you what China is worried about. But they are the sick man of Asia, as the coronavirus has revealed medical, economic, social, and governmental weaknesses.

Tech shortages could become an issue if coronavirus persists, strategist warns.

But hey, there’s good news: Coronavirus outbreak slashes China carbon emissions: study.