CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: ‘Danger of getting coronavirus now is just minusculely low.’ “If China can contain their outbreak much better than they are and prevent wide distribution, we could avoid a global pandemic. If they don’t, we’re gonna have a global pandemic. We’re teetering right on the line of what’s going to happen.” Plus: “Another thing that we don’t know is why, with a respiratory-borne illness, are there virtually no children getting infected. I mean, there are no cases of kids less than 15 years old. Does that mean for some strange reason they’re not getting infected, or the illness is so mild in children that we’re not noticing it? It’s very clear the median age is 56 or 59.”

Apple Will Miss Revenue Target Because of Coronavirus.

Boston Marathon Officials Carefully Monitoring Coronavirus.

Runners Devastated After Coronavirus Curtails Tokyo Marathon.

Cathay Pacific Airways Sees “Crisis” As Coronavirus Reduces Traffic.

Chinese health report says tens of thousands of new coronavirus cases have been mild.

Coronavirus among medics more widespread than reported, research Shows.

China reports 1,886 new virus cases, death toll up by 98.

All Our Drugs to Treat the Coronavirus Depend on Chinese Suppliers.

UPDATE: First link was wrong before. Fixed now. Sorry!