KURT SCHLICHTER: Trump Charges the Liberal Hacks’ Latest Ambush.

It’s equal to a death sentence, but then it’s a Trump associate so there are apparently special rules. And you’ll notice few of the Dems whining about this say this is an appropriate sentence – at least not with a straight face.

They did it to make Trump react. They knew the establishment and its submissive media would freak out. They thought they could derail his most epic run ever.

Well, Trump reacted. He tweeted the manifest and undeniable truth – that the liberal persecutors were treating Lady Justice like Harvey Weinstein treated eager starlets, except without the sop of a minor supporting role in a Gwyneth Paltrow flick.

Trump charged right into the ambush.

The reaction was predictable, especially after the DOJ brass realized these punks had bait and switched their sentencing recommendation. The DOJ promised to revise the recommendation and the media and liberal pols went nuts. This is the same media and the same liberal pols who want actual criminals to go free, who think arresting illegal alien thugs is a crime against humanity, and who want to close our prisons and turn them into Billy Jack-esque Rainbow Schools to teach hugging and climate paranoia to children.

Then he questioned the judge’s impartiality, which you are not allowed to do because of reasons unless its Gorsuch or Kavanaugh. Then it’s totally principled, the principle being “the elite gets its way.”

It’s not Trump who’s wrecked out institutions. But his opponents are discovering that the rubble doesn’t make for great cover, or even concealment.

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