November 14, 2002

IS IT JUST ME? Or is this new logo for the “Information Awareness Program” that will track all sorts of personal information about Americans just a wee bit creepy?

Oh, graphically it’s okay. But it looks like something that would be painted on the elevator doors in a bearded-Spock world, or in some bad Colossus-knockoff movie. And it’s not as creepy as its British counterpart. But still. . . .

UPDATE: Reader Dave Lane says he’s willing to live in the bearded-Spock world, so long as women’s fashion follows along. All I can say to that observation is that now I’m really worried. I mean really worried.

ANOTHER UPDATE: And a more substantive one. . . . Henry Hanks emails that Rush Limbaugh just came out against the Information Awareness Program: “He reiterated his statement from Sep. 12, ’01 about not sacrificing liberty… he said the database to which Safire refers is unnecessary and probably won’t become a reality.” Good.

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