November 12, 2002

YESTERDAY I MENTIONED MICHELE NEWTON. Now I notice that her song “Broken Pavement” has risen to Number One on the Adult Alternative charts at Not bad.

A couple of people have emailed to ask me the about the history on this project, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I’m solo-parenting at the moment while my wife’s away, and I’m beat.

UPDATE: A reader emails that he wasn’t crazy about the tune, and that he then listened to another, randomly selected, band and didn’t like it either. His conclusion: “Thus, sucks.”

Puhleez. If you randomly pull CDs out of the bins at Tower you won’t like most of what you hear either. And with (and similar sites), you get to hear the music for free. And even download it for free. So you won’t ever do what I did recently with Groove Armada’s latest, which is pay twenty bucks for something you only listen to once. Now that sucks.

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