February 2, 2020

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Coronavirus infections predicted to grow exponentially; first death outside China; outbreak becomes political.

First Wuhan coronavirus death reported outside China.

Cocktail of flu, HIV drugs appears to help fight coronavirus: Thai doctors.

China bans funerals for coronavirus victims.

Coronavirus: German evacuation flight from China carried two infected people.

The coronavirus is hitting the tourism and travel sector hard.

One of my friends shared photos from the Shanghai airport, taken by a friend who was being evacuated to New Zealand. The place was deserted, with all the shops closed.

UPDATE: China Silenced Doctors, Focused on Secrecy as New Virus Spread.

Also, the first link isn’t working. Nothing wrong with the link, the story appears to have been removed. It still shows up in search, but the story isn’t there.

Don’t know why.

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