HOWIE CARR: Trump’s Only Crime Is Being Trump.

Forget the two “counts” against President Trump in the Senate trial that begins today, the reality is he is charged with only one crime.

He is accused of being Donald J. Trump.

For that high crime, the Democrats say, he must be removed from office.

The Democrat “House managers” are going to get 24 hours over the next two days to lay out their opening arguments, but how are they going to fill that time, considering that they’re not even accusing him of committing any crimes?

Certainly no actual felonies — you know, Bill Clinton stuff like obstruction of justice, perjury and subornlng perjury.

They just accuse him of being … Donald J. Trump.

For that they need 24 hours?

How are Schiff, Nadler, et al., going to fill those hours? Are they going to talk about how he puts ketchup on steaks? And then orders two scoops of ice cream for dessert?

Considering all the airtime they have to fill, maybe the Democrats can include a Greatest Hits compilation of all the other fake-news fantasies they’ve entertained over the last three years for getting rid of Trump:

Jill Stein’s recount (before Hillary was accused of being a Russian asset), faithless electors, emoluments clause, the 25th Amendment, Hillary’s fake dossier, the Russian hoax, firing crooked James Comey, senile Bob Mueller and his 19 angry Democrats, Michael Cohen, Michael Avenatti (pre-indictments), Stormy Daniels, Brett Kavanaugh frame-up, tax returns, loans guaranteed by Russian oligarchs … .

And now, the Ukraine hoax.

What are the high crimes and misdemeanors committed by Trump? Record high numbers of Americans working, the stock market at record highs. Favorable trade deals, ISIS destroyed, millions off welfare and food stamps.

They never feared Trump failing. They feared his success, and that’s unforgivable.