November 3, 2002

WHERE HAVE THE YOUNG PACIFISTS GONE? Not to join antiwar protests, apparently:

Across the country, college professors spearhead anti-war protests as America prepares for a possible attack on Iraq.

They organize forums and lectures critical of war.

And they sign petitions calling an attack on Iraq morally unjustified.

Meanwhile, their students seem to care less. Few organize marches or rallies. Even when asked, only a smattering write letters to their campus newspapers. Many worry more about tomorrow’s literature quiz than the burgeoning international crisis over Iraq’s potential to build weapons of mass destruction.

It’s the 1960s revisited, only this time the professors — not the students — wear their conscience on their sleeves.

Read the whole thing, which is fascinating. Perhaps it’s the intense advocacy by professors that explains why students aren’t so motivated: It’s not rebellion when the professors are leading the way.

UPDATE: Of course, the problem could be, as David Corn argues, with the antiwar movement itself.

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