January 13, 2020

DON SURBER: Media Misses The Big Story.

It is the story of their lifetimes, and the journalists are blowing it — bigly.

A billionaire playboy comes down from his three-story penthouse apartment overlooking Manhattan to enter the presidential race. He is a world figure, best-selling author, TV star, and ladies man. He offers himself as a tonic to the national morass, and an alternative to selecting another President Bush or Clinton.

That is a fantastic story. America replaced an affirmative action hire with a competent businessman. While our real-life Batman may have been born a millionaire, he worked to expand his fortune 1,000-fold — just like the Bruce Wayne of fiction.

How did the leading “conservative” periodical play it? “Witless Ape Rides Escalator” read the National Review headline. And media coverage after that was all downhill. The part of the country that still believes in the media is convinced that it is run by a bumbling Hitler who just got lucky on the economy and on avoiding World War 3 three or four times now.

The press isn’t interested in giving us the story. The press is interested in selling us a narrative.

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