January 8, 2020

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Iran Appears to be Standing Down. A friend on Facebook comments: “Trump is giving Iran an exit here with his remarks this morning. They know he will hold the line if they try to escalate further. Excellent strategy.” Weird that a guy everyone in DC thinks is an angry toddler can somehow hit just the right note, when prevous administrations have all failed.

Related: Don Surber: Why the Media Got Iran Wrong. Well for starters, because they wanted to. Quoth Surber: “They dug a hole and keep digging. That so many used the off ramp analogy informs me Ben Rhodes likely decided on that spin. He’s the brother of the head of CBS News and the Obama flunky who sold the Iranian deal to reporters.”

Plus: “The people in the press are largely too stupid to see this. Again, nothing personal, just fact. They have an excuse. They were taught by people like Professor Beinart.”

Also: Iran Blinks: Point to Trump: Maybe it’s time to help him, instead of hindering him. Not going to happen. The press and the foreign policy establishment are far more afraid of him succeeding than of him failing.

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