January 6, 2020

SO MY COLLEGE BUDDY LARRY DEWITTE HAS A NEW PRACTICE CALLED REGENERATIVE COMPLETE, focusing on sports and anti-aging medicine (see the list of services at the link). I dropped by on Friday to try their cryotherapy chamber, on the theory that if it works for LeBron, it might help me. The experience is interesting: Although the temperature in the chamber is minus 230, it doesn’t feel that terribly cold. Unlike cold water, it doesn’t pull heat out of you all that fast. But it does chill the nerves in your skin, which causes the blood to rush to your core, and your body to produce natural anti inflammatories. It only took a few minutes, and I think it even worked — I had had not one, but two very hard workouts the day before, and expected to become very sore, but I never did. I also like the original-series Star Trek aesthetic.

Anyway, for the Knoxvillians in my readership, they’re in Farragut and you should check them out. The clinic is beautiful and the staff is friendly, and you’ll get the best care anywhere.

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