January 4, 2020

GOOD: Fear Hits Tehran Over What Might Come Next. The Mullahs’ position is weak:

By November, the bloodiest protests since the 1979 revolution plunged the country into a state of heightened security as authorities, unable to contain the unrest, switched-off access to the internet and launched a crackdown on dissent that killed some 304 people within several days, according to the London-based Amnesty International.

“How do they expect people to rally behind them and support their cause for vengeance when they beat the same people on the streets and cut their internet just a few weeks ago?” said Atena, 30. She expects action to avenge Soleimani. “I don’t think they should or will stay silent, but I don’t want to be part of the drama because this is their loss, not mine.”


Related: Trump to Iran: If you attack us, we’ll hit the same number of targets as US hostages you took in 1979. Sounds like he’s already got a list. They never will be missed!

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